It is truely said that the real asset of an educational institution is its concerned library. Library is such a place where students can access and issue different types of books, articles, journals and daily news papers that are used as the learning sources of an educational institution. Our library (of B.Ed.) is an enriched and precious one with different sorts of subject-books of school level. Besides, we emphasize on the language skills of the students and for this purpose, we intend to keep different types of novels written both in Bengali and English. Students can have the facility of accessing computers to get the information regarding the preserved books, articles and journals. The day-scholars along with the hostellers can use the library reading room in their leisure time for the time specified to them. Our library preserves almost 5,000 books.

Library Details

  • Total No of Books in the Library : 4562
  • Total No of Titles : 745
  • Total No of Book related to B.Ed Course : 3562
  • Total No of Titles B.Ed Course : 485
  • Total No of Books in the Reference section : 320
  • Total No of Titles in the Reference section : 165
  • Total No of Encyclopedia : 09
  • Total No of Titles Encyclopedia : 09
  • Total No of journals subscribe : 15
  • Total No of Computer in the Library : 01
  • Total No of Periodicals in the Library : 18
  • Total No of Xerox in the Library : 01
  • Total No of Racks in the Library : 12
  • Total No of Table in the Library : 02
  • Total No of Chairs in the Library : 52
  • Internet in the Library computer : 01
  • Total No of Seating Capacity in the Library : 50