v  The students have to follow all the rules and regulations of the college.

v  If any type of misconduct, indiscipline, violent   activities of any student, damage the wealth of the Institutions or harm any persons, then the said accused student will be rusticated from the Institutions.

v  All types of educational requirements framed by the Institution must have to be fulfilled time to time.

v  Submission of wrong and false information in the admission form may reject the admission of the applicant.

v  CCE holds every right to form new rules and regulations.

v  If any student discontinues his/her course, yet he/she has to pay the course fees

v  Dress-code is mandatory.

v  Students must have to carry and show the original documents at the time of admission.

v  No student will be allowed to get admission in another Institution during his study course in C.C.E.

v  Ragging is strictly prohibited in hostel and college. If anyone is found in this guilt, he/she will be at once rusticated and driven out from the college.

v  Course fees must have to be submitted within 30days of beginning of class, otherwise a fine of Rs.500 per month must have to be paid.

v  All the dues have to be paid within the scheduled date.

v  Admission fees are not refundable at all at any situation.

v  A student must have to accompany in all college programme including excursion.

v  All students must have to abide- by the rules and regulation framed by NCTE and University of Burdwan.

v  At least 80% attendance is mandatory for the students. Otherwise the students will not get any facilities rendered by the college. On the other hand, for more than 95% attendance, the students will be rewarded with special scholarship by the board of management.

v  Guardian Meeting will be convened before each and every semester for discussion among the trainee students, guardians and the institution.